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Introduction to Wildstar

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In addition to a class system that strongly enforces trinity-style gameplay, WildStar offers four "paths": Explorer, Soldier, Scientist, and Settler. The game takes place on Nexus, a fictional planet said to be on the edge of known space. NCSoft claims WildStar will provide players with challenges and rewards that respond to their play style choices, as well as their combination of faction, race, class, and path choices. WildStar intends to provide extensive focus on mini-quests and challenges.

Path System

Aside from the standard options of faction, race and class that are present in many MMORPG's, WildStar will introduce what Carbine Studios calls the Path System. This is a separate character choice of Explorer, Soldier, Scientist or Settler, each of which offers unique content and mechanics.

Offical page for paths, lots of good info / graphics


You will explore the wonders of an alien world. Travel to the darkest corners of this mysterious planet while discovering the locations of ancient artifacts of immense power. Climb higher, dig deeper and go farther than anyone in order to claim territory in the name of your faction


You are the living proof that knowledge is power! Dig into the mysteries of planet Nexus, and unlock unique abilities by studying ancient Eldan relics, exotic plants and dangerous alien organisms.


You have come here to kick ass! Initiate epic battles, mastering new weapons and special combat skills as you smash your way up the ranks for fame, fortune and glory.


You are the pillar of the community. Bring civilization to this newly discovered planet by constructing outposts in dangerous areas and upgrading existing towns. Work with others to improve the world with banks, transportation networks, vendors, and other helpful structures to aid your allies.


Humans (exiles)

As the Dominion began to expand into a larger empire, it began enforcing more and more oppressive policies. When many Cassians protested, the Dominion military began severe crackdowns on its own people to quell protest. When the crackdowns culminated in violent attacks, Admiral Serrick Brightland rebelled against his superiors. When the rebels were attacked by the Dominion, Brightland sacrificed himself to let the remaining rebels escape. Against all odds he survived but was placed in cryo-freeze until he could be healed of his injuries. After centuries of wandering the Fringe in their ramshackle fleet, the human rebels are ready to settle down on Nexus using grit, backbone, and some old-fashioned elbow grease. And if those Dominion bastards are looking for a fight? Bring it on!

Humans have access to Warrior, Stalker, Spellslinger, and Esper classes.


Banished from their homeworld after a bloody war with the Dominion, the Granok are a race of skull-cracking, hard-charging galactic mercenaries that have come to Nexus to kick ass and drink beer. Not necessarily in that order. Originally from the planet Gnox, the Granok were a primative race who lived by a code known as the way of the stone. They were discovered by the Dominion who declared war on them after they refused to bow to their rule. While their technology was limited, the Granok were extremely resilient and fought fearlessly against the more advanced Dominion. Despite this the Granok's defeat was inevitable until warlord Durek and his followers stole Dominion technology. Without the advantage of superior technology the Dominion was forced off of Gnox. While the Granok were victorious, Durek and his warriors were banished by their people as they had broken the way of the stone by using the Dominion's weapons. Leaving the planet on stolen Dominion ships, the Granok have plied their trade as mercenaries, while retaining a long time hatred of the Dominion.

Granoks are restricted to the Warrior class.


Small but scrappy, the Aurin are a race of forest dwellers who had no contact with the greater galaxy until a small band of Humans arrived on their planet. Descendants of Brightland's fleet, the Humans and Aurin became fast friends, trading technology for food. Despite the Humans' best efforts, the Dominion found the Aurin's homeworld. As revenge for their friendship with the rebels, the Dominion sent their Planet Reapers, monstrous mechanical resource harvesters, to ravage their world. The Aurin fought back but were powerless to stop the machines. Calling on their human friends to help them, a fleet of Human ships arrived to rescue the Aurin while Granok mercenaries fought the Dominion. Despite their efforts, not all the Aurins could be rescued and many were left behind. The Aurin have since embraced science and technology, and strive for the day when they can drive the Dominion out and reclaim their homeworld. The Aurin might be into hugging trees, but they're more than ready to bare tooth and claw to defend their new home on Nexus.

Aurins have access to the Stalker, Spellslinger, and Esper classes.


Long ago the Humans of Cassus were discovered by the Mechari, the Eldan's robotic creations. On their masters' orders, the Mechari demanded that Cassian sword maiden, Tresayne Toria, travel with them to Nexus. In exchange the Eldan would give them a gift of immeasurable wealth. The sword maiden was never seen again, however the Cassians received their gift, a Human-Eldan hybrid known as Dominus. The son of Tresayne, Dominus offered the Cassians powerful Eldan technology. In exchange he asked that the people of Cassus swear loyalty to him and they would create the greatest empire the galaxy had ever known. The Dominion has steadily taken control of the galaxy despite the Eldan's disappearance. The Cassians see the discovery of Nexus as the fulfillment of their destiny and will stop at nothing to have it. The Cassians were chosen by the Eldan to make the greatest empire ever known - and they're going to make sure the pathetic vermin infesting the galaxy don't forget it. Destiny is a terribly heavy burden and the Cassians bear it with style.

Cassians have access to Warrior, Stalker, Spellslinger, and Esper classes.


Three centuries after the establishment of the Dominion, the Mechari decided that the military needed new blood. After a long study, they advised the reigning emperor Azrion that the ferocious Draken should be brought into the Dominion. Knowing that the Draken's respect could only be earned through bloodshed, the Dominion invaded their homeworld. Emperor Azrion challenged the Draken's reigning clan lord Zhur to single combat, with the winner reigning supreme over the planet. As the Mechari predicted Zhur accepted and the two fought in a massive gladiatorial arena. In the end, the Emperor's skill and discipline beat Zhur's strength and ferocity, and he was killed. The Draken swore eternal loyalty to the Dominion and have served faithfully ever since. Forged in the heat and dust of their savage homeworld, the Draken have come to Nexus to prove they are the most badass warriors in the galaxy. Eviscerations, disembowelments, and decapitations will definitely be involved. The Dominion's Emperor Myrcalus has claimed Nexus and the Draken have sworn to conquer it no matter what.

Draken have access to the Warrior, Stalker, and Spellslinger classes.


Long ago the Eldan found themselves in need of servants who could communicate with the other species of the galaxy and watch for cultures and technology that could be of interest. To this end they engineered a race of the sentient robots called the Mechari. Sent out into the galaxy to fulfil their task, the Mechari always kept their master's intentions vague, as they themselves were never fully aware of their plans. When the Cassians swore loyalty to Dominus, the Mechari were essential in helping them establish the Dominion. They helped expand its territory and assimilate other races such as the Draken. The Mechari established and oversee the Imperial Corps of Intelligence, protecting the empire from spies and traitors. The Mechari hoped to be reunited with their creators when Nexus was discovered, however they have disappeared. A race of highly-efficient killing machines, the Mechari maintain their watch over the empire, working to ensure its domination of Nexus.

Mechari have access to the Warrior and Stalker classes.


Trinity-style gameplay is being enforced, however all classes can play multiple roles.


Warriors do things the old-fashioned way, using brute force and deadly weaponry to take care of business. When the chips are down, the warrior is an unstoppable juggernaut - cutting down enemies with swords and ripsaw shields, or blasting them to pieces with powerful arm cannons.

Role: Melee DPS, Tank
Equipment: Techsword
Armor Weight: Medium Armor (Upgrades to Heavy)
Ability Resources: Kinetic Cells
Primary Attributes: Strength (DPS), Technology (Tank)


The Spellslinger is a steely-eyed gunman, using deadly precision and acrobatic agility to put his enemies in the ground. With a lethal combination of hair-trigger pistols and powerful magic, the Spellslinger is a dangerous foe - blasting enemies with an endless barrage of bullets or casting runic sigils that sow destruction and death.

Role: Ranged DPS, Healer
Equipment: Dual Pistols
Armor Weight: Light Armor
Ability Resources: Spell Surges and Mana
Primary Attributes: Dexterity (DPS), Wisdom (Healing)


Stalkers are silent and deadly assassins, slicing and dicing their opponents and leaving a pile of corpses in their wake. Armed with advanced stealth technology, the Stalker deals multiple blows to his enemies - using a deadly mix of razor-sharp claws and technological hardware to tactically control the battlefield.

Role: Melee DPS, Tank
Equipment: Claws
Armor Weight: Light Armor (Upgrades to Medium)
Ability Resources: Suit Power
Primary Attributes: Dexterity (DPS), Technology (Tank)


Espers are mesmerizing masters of illusion, attacking their foes with powerful psychic weapons and projecting inspiring visions to heal their friend and allies. Combat with an Esper is a deadly phantasmal dance that torments enemies with their darkest fears before pushing them over the edge of madness.

Role: Ranged DPS, Healer
Equipment: Psyblade
Armor Weight: Light Armor
Ability Resources: Mana and Focus Points
Primary Attributes: Magic (DPS), Wisdom (Healing)

2 More Classes to be announces (rumored they are going to be Combat Medic and Engineer)
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