Economic theory for WS

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Economic theory for WS

Postby KleeziE » Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:49 am

Good blog post @ wildstar site today about the game's thought process when it comes to their game's economy, here is the intro:


ImageWhat is “economy?” Simply put, it is the management of resources. Economics is therefore the study of how resources are distributed. In order to build an economic plan for an online game, we need to determine what the resources are, where they come from, and who gets them.

However, online games like WildStar come with an extra resource distribution problem that we don’t find in the real world: the only natural way for resources to leave the game is for players to leave the game, which is something we actively work against with every design decision we make! Therefore we have to include in our plans various ways to rob… er, creatively redistribute… resources that players earn in the game.

You may ask, “But why are you trying to take my stuff back?!” Well, there are two answers: an obvious one and a not-so-obvious one.

-Read the rest of the article here
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