Our Visionicon_granokwarriorface03

Is to be a competitive PvE and PvP gaming community. Our goal is to efficiently progress through content and dominate in PvP in which ever game we are currently playing without sacrificing our personal responsibilities and goals in the RL.

About Us

<THG> aka Trigger Happy Gaming is a mature gaming community consisting of seasoned gamers that will be mainly focusing on the up coming MMO Wildstar in development by Carbine studios. We enjoy all kinds PC games and play them hardcore, casually. What we mean by that is most of us have RL jobs and lives, so we understand and can provide a gaming environment for all levels of game play.

We do not host mandatory events. We do not force members into cookie cutter specs. If you’re effective, that’s that – actions speak louder than words. Team members are free to play the game the way they want to. We do not tolerate (excessive) nerd rage. We expect members to give & receive criticism to encourage continuous improvement. Have a problem with someone? Don’t gossip or spam. Talk to them like an adult. We do not tolerate drama.

icon_warriorpathRespect comes in many forms. Mutual respect among our members ensures a healthyclimate and fun environment. It is the foundation of our success! We expect every teammate to not only receive constructive criticism, but also to give it in a respectful manner that will help us rule the Nexus.

Our reputation is very important to us. You must understand the significance of maintaining professionalism inside and outside of our community. <THG> has always been a respected group of gamers and we wish to keep it that way. Performance and Teamwork are paramount. With that said, our officers will do their best to enable you to participate in any event no matter how long you have been with us.

If you want to be challenged, if you play to be the best, if you strive to maximize your understanding of the game, or even if you want to be part of an actively growing community and just hang out and play casually then, WELCOME HOME!

Ranking Structure

Friends/Family: We welcome all casual gamers to be a part of the community
Recruit: 2 week trial period to make sure personalities mesh and you are active in the guild’s activities.
Member: Prove yourself in-game as an active and productive part of the team/gaming community
Founder: Be active in the community for a prolonged period of time
Council: Community Leadership, decision making and guild relations responsibilities

icon_explorerpathWhat We Offer

  • Custom created website to suit the guild’s changing needs
  • 100 User Mumble server for voice communications
  • Live streaming for raids, pvp and leveling via TwitchTV
  • Punch and Pie*

Hosting, registration and bandwidth is all free for the community.

Our aim is to build this gaming community with those seeking a long-term home in which to invest their time and energy while having the most fun possible.

With that said if you think you are a good fit for <THG> please provide a quality application and we will see you on our forums and eventually in game!

*First come, first severed. Quantities limited.

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